About the Artist

Hello! Kathryn Andersen here, also known as Kerr Avonsen all over the internet.

I love making art, you couldn’t stop me if you tried. But why try? I make gorgeous things and I want to share them with the world, to share them with you. Fluid Visions is just that: fluid painting plus digital visions. I pour liquid acrylic paint to make the initial painting, and then move it into the digital world to create visions. Sometimes it is hardly changed at all, sometimes it becomes something completely different.

I fell in love with fluid art when I realised it was like marbling, only easier, prettier, and more versatile. I started actually making it when I realised that I didn’t need a spare basement to do it in, nor did I need to get paint all over my entire body to do it. Though I do still wear old “painting clothes” to paint in!

Digital art has been a love of mine for a long time before I discovered fluid art. I don’t mean photo manipulations (such as pasting heads on different bodies), but actual art. Graphics editing is such a powerful tool for self-expression. The colours, the textures, the impossible things one can do with a digital brush, it opens endless vistas of possibility and play.

I paint in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia, where it rains as much as it shines. I have loved fantasy and science fiction since before I could read. I am older than the moon landing, but not by much.